Sunday, June 4, 2017

Finals week!

Below: Links to IMPORTANT Review Resources

1. It is important that you understand the Rock Cycle (several questions). To review read pages 67-69 (honors pages 52-54) and take a look at this animation.

2. This graph will be on the test - CLICK HERE

3. There will be several questions to check your understanding of this Moonphase Exercise

4. Make sure you understand the motion, varying speed, and tail of a comet. Watch this animation

5. There will be a diagram and questions to check your understanding of Giant Springs

6. This diagram will be on the test. The same diagram can be found on page 339 of your text (honors text page 328). You should be able to use principles of superposition and cross-cutting to determine relative ages as you did on the WS: Principles of Geology last winter.