Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September is here!

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1. If you missed class on Friday, August 29 (or just want a review) watch this short YouTube Video.

2. Missed class on Tuesday, September 2 (or just need a review)? Watch/listen to this PenCast. To watch (and listen), follow these instructions.

Make sure your volume is on so that you can listen as the notes and diagrams appear.

Select the Full Screen option to see a larger view of the page.

In the lower right, select Hide Preview and then play. Pause the pencast at any time.

To Print a copy of the pencast (pdf file), go back to reduced screen and select download as PDF from menu to left.


Thursday is picture day.

The Freshman Tail-Gating (free T-shirt and food) begins at 6 pm Friday evening in the stadium parking lot.

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