Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23-27

Students will watch a video about the K-T boundary. If you were gone, carefully read this web page and watch the video here. Honors students - MESPOWs are #26 and #87.

Students will take notes as Benson explains weathering and erosion. If you were gone, it is important that you read chapter 5 in your text. (Honors - chapter 4)

Students will watch a video. If you are gone, print out the WS here and watch the video called How the Earth Was Made: The Alps.

Students will take notes on a handout as Benson explains sedimentary rocks. If you were gone, read pages 76-79. (Honors 62-68)

We will review several concepts and then do some maintenance on our crystals that are growing in the jars. Here's the explanation about the dress.

Tuesday: Weathering and Erosion Cartoon
Tuesday: PowerPoint Presentation - Weathering and Erosion
Tuesday: Notes handout for PowerPoint Presentation: Weathering and Erosion
Tuesday: Bill Nye Video - Erosion (Watch it f you missed class.)
Tuesday: Washington Mudslide Interactive
Tuesday: Mass Wasting in Gates of Mountains
Tuesday: Mass Wasting in Jackson Hole
Tuesday: Mt. Rushmore Facelift
Tuesday: Photos of March 2011 Rockslide Near Billings
Tuesday: Rockslide Caught on Camera in Tennessee
Tuesday: Cleaning Lichens from Mt. Rushmore in 2005
Thursday: Formation of the Himalayas
Thursday: Coal Mine Near Colstrip
Thursday: Eagle Sandstone
Thursday: General Article About Limestone
Thursday: Madison Limestone
Thursday: An Ice Cave in the Madison Limestone
Thursday: The Belt Supergroup
Thursday: (YouTube Video) Virtual Tour of a Wyoming Strip Mine
Thursday: Montana Coal Mine
Thursday: Montana's Oldest Rocks
Friday: Chief Mountain
Friday: Sea Creatures in Glacier Park?

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