Saturday, September 26, 2015

September 28 - October 2

We will have a notebook entry and then Benson will explain the UV Bead Project. Watch the video below. After Benson explains the project, students will have time to start planning their projects. Here is a description of the project-> UV Bead Project. Honors students: Only one MESPOW for this week (#18).

Benson will review the UV bead project, and then students will be given these 3 period to work on the project. Projects are due at the start of class on Friday.

Students will take notes on a handout as Benson explains concepts related to the global warming issue. If you were gone, get a copy of the notes handout, copy the notes from a classmate, and watch this short video. Also, take a look at this interactive graph and watch this video. Finally, watch this video.

Question(s) of the week: The vast majority of climate scientists believe that the current climate change is caused (in part) by humans. Not everyone agrees with the scientists. According to scientists, what are we doing to cause the world to get warmer? Explain how they think is causing our atmosphere to trap heat.

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