Thursday, October 15, 2015

October 19-23: Test on Wednesday!

We will go over a recent graph activity and then take notes (NE) as Benson explains temperature inversions. Students who miss this day should go to this website and read it carefully. They should also, go back to Benson's website and watch the PowerPoint titled "Notebook Entry: Inversions". Attention honors students: MESPOWs this week are #14 and #104.

We will review for the test. Students will be given a review sheet, which is posted here.

Test today! After the test periods 1, 3, 4 should read text pages 504-509 (honors students read pages 490-498). Carefully examine all of the figures/illustrations and read the captions.

Students will do a lab today - Introduction to Humidity. If you miss this lab, do "Reviewing Concepts" 1-6 on page 509. Honors students should do "Concept Check" questions on pages 492 and 498 if they miss the lab.

Students will take notes on a handout as Benson explains "humidity topics". If you were gone, get the handout from Benson and then copy the notes from a classmate. Also, be sure to watch this video: Relative Humidity at Football Practice and the video below.

Question of the week: What is "relative humidity" and why does it change throughout the day.

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