Sunday, November 29, 2015

November 30-December 4

Students will continue to take notes on a handout as Benson explains various hazards associated with thunderstorms. If you were gone be sure to read through this web page and watch watch/read all of the links below as well.

Flash Flood in Australia 2010 (YouTube)

Flash Flood in Southern Utah (YouTube)

Flash Flood in Nepal (YouTube)

Swath from Hi-Line Hail Storm Visible from Space (image and article)

Animation of Hail Formation

Watch This Microburst in Arizona (YouTube)

Microburst Causes Blow-Down Near Butte (image and article)

Students will do a lab related to latent heat (microbursts). If you miss this day, watch this video of the lab and the video below. Then do the make-up assignment - Click here to print a copy.

Students will take notes as Benson explains several aspects of tornadoes. If you were gone, get a copy of the notes handout, copy it, and take a look at this interactive map of USA tornado deaths through the years.

We will go over the lab from Tuesday and then students will take notes as Benson explains how Doppler RADAR works. If you were gone, read this web page and watch this video. Students will also be assigned a WS after the presentation. To print a copy of the "WS: Storms", click here. Then select "Click Here to Print Handouts".

Students will do a map activity (The Blizzard of '93). If you are gone watch this presentation, then do the map activity.

Question of the week: Explain what causes a microburst.

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