Sunday, December 13, 2015

December 14-18

We will wrap up the unit and review for the test. As study guide will be provided. The study guide can also be printed out from Benson's teacher page. NOTE: An optional assignment to replace your lowest non-test score for December is available upon request (ask Benson for it). It is due by the end of the week.

Students will take the test. After the test, they will do a graph activity.

Students will do a group activity to introduce them to tree-ring analysis. If you were gone, watch this short video. Get a copy of the activity from Benson and do it.

Students will watch a 20-minute video about the Little Ice Age and then take notes as Benson explains some famous climate changes. If you were gone, watch this 18-minute video.

Students will make electric motors. See video below.

Question of the week: Explain what "paleoclimatology" is, and list 4 kinds of evidence used in this field.

Video of the Week

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