Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18-21

We will go over recent map activities.

Video: The Last Extinction - If you were gone, print out a copy of the video worksheet here and fill in the answers as you watch it online here.

Period 1-3-4 students will take notes as Benson explains various aspects of glaciers. If you were gone read pages 188-198 (honors 158-171). Periods 6-7 will go over the Bakken WS, finish the video, discuss it, and then start taking notes.

Period 1 will listen to student council campaign speeches in the gym. Period 3-4 will watch a video: Snowball Earth - If you were gone, watch it here (43 minutes). Periods 6-7 will continue taking notes and learning about glaciers.

No school

Below: Important Links to Review (Be sure to check them out if you missed class.)

11 year-old Boy Discovers Wooly Mammoth in Russia
Glacial Landforms
Animations of Stationary, Advancing, Receding Glaciers

Video of the Week

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