Sunday, October 23, 2016

October 24-28 . . . Test on Thursday

Optional Replacement Assignment
This is due on October 31. Your score on this assignment can be used to replace your lowest non-test score. For periods 1-4-5, do 1-20 page 499. For periods 6-7, do 1-12 page 485.

Benson will be gone today. Students will do a WS (due at the start of class tomorrow). Attention honors students - MESPOWs this week are #14 and #104.

We will go over several concepts covered on the WS and then students will take notes as Benson explains "temperature inversions". If you were gone, go to this website and read it carefully. It does not open on some mobile devices.

We will review for the test using a Kahoot game. Students will also be given a review sheet.

Test today! After the test periods 1, 3, 4 should read text pages 504-509 (honors students read pages 490-498). Carefully examine all of the figures/illustrations and read the captions.

Students will do a lab today - Introduction to Humidity

Question of the week: What is "relative humidity" and why does it change throughout the day.

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