Friday, November 18, 2016

November 21-22 . . . Short week!

Optional Assignment
The optional assignment to replace your lowest non-test score this quarter is due on Wednesday, November 30. Periods 1-4-5 should do 1-20 page 553, periods 6-7 should do 1-9 page 547.

After a quick review of some concepts covered last week, students will do a map activity related to global wind patterns. If you miss this day, please request the handout from Benson, or to this website click on the link "to print first semester handouts", and then select "Prevailing Winds WS (H for honors, R for regular).

We will review "jet streams". Students will take notes as Benson explains "wind barbs", and then we will do a map activity together. If you were gone get a copy of the map activity (Jet Streams) from Benson and copy it from a classmate (we did it together in class). Also, copy the notes from a classmate, and read this web page.

Question(s) of the week: What are the three factors that cause the global pattern of prevailing winds?

Video of the Week

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