Saturday, February 11, 2017

February 13-17 . . . Test on Thursday!

We will review several topics covered last week, and then spend some time examining various types of igneous rocks.

Students will do a group activity related to igneous rocks. If you were gone, read text pages 72-74 and do questions 1-7 on page 74 (honors read 57-60).

We will return and go over several recent assignments/labs, and review for the test (Kahoot). A study guide will be provided. The photo below may be helpful in preparing for the test.

Students will take a test.

Students will do a lab titled, Frost Wedging. (If you were gone, click on the link and follow instructions.)

Question of the Week: Crown Butte is made of an igneous rock called "porphyry". Explain how this rock formed.

Longer Video (13-min) about Alex Honnold Climbing
Excellent Video About Hiking Onto Half Dome
Ringing Rocks

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