Sunday, March 5, 2017

March 6-10

If you were gone Friday
Students did a station to station activity related to recent topics. If you are gone (or aren't happy with your score) periods 1-4-5 do "Reviewing Content" 1-10 on page 89 (honors do 1-10 on page 78-79).

Benson will explain "relative age" and "absolute age", and then students will do a WS: Principles of Geology. If you are gone, go to this website and print out a copy . Do it!

We will go over the "station to station activity", watch a short video, and then finish the "Rock Cycle Activity" from last week. If you were gone watch this 26-minute video.

Benson will explain how radiometric dating works, and then students will do an assignment called "Dating Deep Blood Kettles". If you were gone . . .
1. Watch the video posted below.
2. Read this web page: Radiometric Dating at a Bison Kill Site
3. Print out the "Radiometric Dating Assignment" handout here or get a copy from Benson.
2. View the PowerPoint Presentation. Do as instructed.

We will go over several concepts related to the "Principles of Geology" WS as we correct the WS in class.

Students will take notes on a handout as Benson explains basic concepts related to earthquakes.

Video of the Week

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