Thursday, May 25, 2017

May 22-26

Weather-permitting we will launch rockets today.

Students will take notes as Benson provides a general overview of NASA - past, present, future.

Students will do a WS.

Students will take notes as Benson explains several concepts related to the Earth-Moon relationship, including tides, phases, and eclipses. Be sure to do this Online Moon Phase Exercise (very good). You do not need to hand anything in, but there will be similar questions on the semester exam. Here is a 10-minute video (ABC News coverage) of the 1979 solar eclipse, including coverage from Helena, Montana!

Students will watch a video "Meteor Strike".

Interesting Links

What the 2017 Solar Eclipse will look like from Kentucky.

NASA's YouTube Channel

Monday: Brief History of Animals in Space

Space Shuttle Landing Sites (6-minute video)

Video of Probe Landing on Mars in 2004 (6-minute YouTube video)

Video of Probe Landing on Mars in 2012 (6-minute YouTube video)

Are we going to Mars?

History of Exploration of Mars

Moon phase animation

Another Moon phase animation

Moon phases this month

Online Moon Phase Exercise (very good)

Lunar Eclipse Animation

Lunar Eclipse Explained

Tides Animation

D-Day Moon

Tides - select "Launch Interactive"

Spring and Neap Tides

Eclipse Animations

Various Moon Animations

Space Weather

Solar Max of 2013

Northern Lights Explained

Northern Lights Explained

Northern Lights over Iceland

Question of the Week
Why is Pluto no longer considered to be a planet?

Video of the week:

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