Monday, October 29, 2018

October 29 - November 2

Attention honors students: The MESPOWs for this week are #1, #8, and #49.

Students will take a test (hydrology, glaciers, ice ages). After the test, students should read text pages 476-482. (honors 462-467).

IMPORTANT - Period 1-4-5 students have one week to come in (before school, at lunch, or after school) to make corrections on their tests. They can use their notes and handouts. Honors students can make corrections if their score was less than 70%, and can only raise their score to 70%.

Students will do a lab called "Burning Up the Atmosphere". If you were gone, periods 1-4-5 should do questions 1-10 on page 499 . . . periods 3-6 should read 472-477 and do questions 1-2 on page 478.

We will discuss several factors that influence the flight of a baseball or football. If you were gone, carefully read this web page and pages 479-480 in your text (honors pages 466-467). Students will do a graph activity. It is due at the start of class tomorrow.

Students will be watching the documentary "Chasing Ice".

Video of the Week

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