Saturday, December 13, 2014

December 15-19: Last week of school this year - test on Thursday!

We will review the connection between warm water and winds/precipitation in tropical cyclones, and then students will start watching a video about Hurricane Sandy. If you miss this day, watch Inside the Megastorm (50-minute video).

We will go over the recent map activity (Blizzard of '93) and then finish the video. If you miss this day, watch Inside the Megastorm (50-minute video)

We will wrap up the unit and review for the test. As study guide will be provided or you can print out a copy HERE.

Students will take the test.

Students will make electric motors. See video of the week below.

Question(s) of the week:Warm water provides the "fuel" for tropical storms (we call them hurricanes). Explain this statement.

Dec. 15-16: Why fewer people die from lightning? (article)
Dec. 15-16: All About Sandy
Dec. 15-16: Inside the Megastorm (50-minute video)

Video of the Week

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