Thursday, January 1, 2015

January 5-9: Welcome back!

During the two weeks before finals week (January 20-23) students will be learning about the basic structure of the Earth and plate tectonics. Today they will start watching a video titled "Magnetic Storm" (to be finished tomorrow). If a you miss this day, get online and watch the 55-minute video HERE. Attention honors students: The MESPOWs this week are #20 and #118.

We will finish the video and then Benson will explain the different "schools of thought" pertaining to the age of the Earth. Students should read text pages 233-237 (honors 249-252)

Students will watch a video titled, "Birth of the Earth". Click here to watch the video.

Benson will explain the structure of the Earth and paleomagnetism, and then students will do a WS titled, "Plate Tectonics".

Students will take notes as Benson explains the development of the Theory of Plate Tectonics.

Question(s) of the week: What is paleomagnetism, and how does it support the theory of plate tectonics?

Jan. 5-6: NOVA: Magnetic Storm
Jan. 6: The Northern Lights
Jan. 6: Northern Lights FAQs
Jan. 6: Science and/or Religion?
Jan. 8: Interactive: Position of the Continents Over the Past 600 million years
Jan. 8: Interactive Plate Tectonics Map
Jan. 9: Read About Wegener's Last Expedition

Video of the Week

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