Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9-13

Sorry - I'm a little late getting this updated. The hour we lost last weekend was the hour I normally use to do this. :)

Students will do an activity that helps to reinforce what we learned about the rock cycle last week. If you were gone, read pages 67-69. (honors pages 52-54)

We will correct and go over a couple assignments from last week - "WS: Princples of Geology" and "Dating Deep Blood Kettles" . . . there is nothing to make-up.

Students will learn about the basics of earthquakes as they take notes on a handout. If you were gone, read chapter 7 - honors read chapter 8.

Benson will be gone. Students will do a WS. WS for honors and WS for regular

Benson will be gone. Students will watch a video called "Ultimate Earthquake".

Wednesday: Animations of Seismic Waves
Wednesday: Largest Earthquakes by Magnitude since 1900
Wednesday: YouTube explains Moment Magnitude Scale
Wednesday: Animation of Earthquake Waves

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