Sunday, April 26, 2015

April 27-30

We will go over recent map activities. Here are photos of some of the best maps and islands from the Island Watershed Project. Photos

Students will do a lab activity called "Testing Water for Hardness". If you were gone, get a copy of the handout from Benson, and then watch this presentation. Do as instructed on the presentation.

Students will take notes as Benson explains various aspects of glaciers. If you were gone read pages 188-198 (honors 158-171).

Recommended (not required) 1-Hour Video: Wooly Mammoths

To be announced (TBA).

Vigilante Day (no school)

Below: Important Links to Review (Be sure to check them out if you missed class.)

Monday: SNOTEL Sites
Tuesday: Hard Water
Wednesday: 11 year-old Boy Discovers Wooly Mammoth in Russia
Wednesday: Glacial Landforms
Wednesday: Animations of Stationary, Advancing, Receding Glaciers

Question of the Week: What is "hard water" - how does it get "hard" and why is too much "hardness" a bad thing?

Video of the Week

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