Thursday, April 30, 2015

May 4-8

We will finish taking notes on the handout called "Glaciers", and then start watching a video called "Snowball Earth". If you miss this class go to this website and read pages 1 and 2. Attention honors students: MESPOWs for this week are 68, 91, 101, 112.

We will finish the video and then take notes on a handout called "Ice Ages". If you miss this class go to this website and read pages 1 and 2. Honors students who were gone should read the text section titled "Causes of Glaciation" (pages 174-177).

Students will take notes as Benson explains various ways that the last ice age impacted Montana.If you miss this class be sure to open the "Wednesday" links below and carefully read the web pages.

We will watch a short video and then prepare for the test. If you were gone, scroll down and watch the "video of the week". A review sheet will be provided or you can print one out here.

Test over groundwater, surface water, glaciers, ice ages

Below: Important Links - Be sure to check them out if you missed class.

Monday: Glacial Landforms
Monday: Striations
Tuesday: Milankovitch Cycles
Wednesday: Ice Ages changed the Missouri River
Wednesday: Flathead Lake
Wednesday: Snake Butte in North-Central Montana

Question of the Week: What caused the formation of Glacial Lake Missoula, and how did the outburst floods cause the Scablands of Washington?

Video of the Week

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