Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11-15

Here are photos of the winning rockets. The winner gets 3 extra points, the others in each photo get 2 points for "honorable mention", and the overall winner gets 1 more point (and bragging rights): photos of the rockets

Monday - Tuesday
Students will be constructing rockets.

Students will begin watching a video about the "Space Race" and then be given time to put finishing touches on their rockets. If you miss this class, print out this worksheet and watch the first 65 minutes of the video below.

We will finish watching the video and then Benson will explain the Apollo missions.

Students will take notes on a handout as Benson explains what NASA has been working on since Apollo.

Interesting Links

NASA's YouTube Channel

Thursday: Brief History of Animals in Space

Thursday: The 1972 Gold Medal Basketball Game - USA vs. USSR (16-minute YouTube video)

Friday: Space Shuttle Landing Sites (6-minute video)

Friday: Video of Probe Landing on Mars in 2004 (6-minute YouTube video)

Friday: Video of Probe Landing on Mars in 2012 (6-minute YouTube video)

Question of the Week
Why was it so important for the USA to land a man on the Moon before the USSR did?

Video of the week:

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