Saturday, March 5, 2016

March 7-11

NOTE: The monthly optional "replacement assignment" is available here. Your score on this will replace your lowest non-test score so far.

Honors students: The handouts for your projects and papers can be found here.

We will correct and go over a couple assignments from last week - "WS: Princples of Geology" and "Dating Deep Blood Kettles". If you were gone, watch this short short YouTube video. Honors students - There are no MESPOWs this week, but the Carbon Cycle WS is due Friday. Here is the Carbon Cycle Tutorial and here is the Carbon Cycle Diagram (also shown below).

Students will learn about the basics of earthquakes as they take notes on a handout. If you were gone, read chapter 7 - honors read chapter 8.

Students will do a group problem-solving activity (Locating Epicenters). If you were gone, go to this website, click on the animation link, and watch it. Then do this Virtual Earthquake Activity - put your answers on your own paper and print out the certificate at the end of the activity. Hand both in.

Students will watch a video called "Ultimate Earthquake".

Students will watch a video about the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. I you were gone, be sure to watch it here.

Animations of Seismic Waves
Animations of Seismic Waves
Animations of Seismic Waves
Largest Earthquakes by Magnitude since 1900
YouTube explains Moment Magnitude Scale
Animation of Earthquake Waves

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