Sunday, September 18, 2016

September 19-23

Reminder: If things go according to plan, the first test will be on Thursday.

Classes are a bit shorter today due to early release (every Monday). Benson will explain the phenomenon known as "El Nino" and then students will work start a map activity related to El Nino. Ask Benson if you need help. Also, watch this short video. Attention honors students - The MESPOWs for this week are #8 and #49. Carefully read both of them and then decide which one you want to the the worksheet with. The MESPOWs are due SOC on Friday.

Students will listen and take notes as Benson explains several concepts related to plankton. Students will have some time to complete the map activity from yesterday. If you were gone, copy the notebook entry from a classmate, read this web page and watch this video.

Students will watch a video related to oceanography.

We wrap things up and review for the test tomorrow. Students will be given a review sheet, and we will do a Kahoot review in class. Attention honors students - You will have 4 additional questions on your test. The topics of those questions will be the density lab, the ocean conveyor belt (read this also), the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico, and MESPOW #25.

Students will take a test. After the test they will work individually on a graph activity related to our next unit.

Question of the week: What is El Nino?
(What causes it? What happens in the Pacific Ocean during an El Nino? Why does it affect the path of storms?)

Click here to see the VIDEO OF THE WEEK!

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