Saturday, September 10, 2016

September 12-16 . . . First full week of school.

NOTICE: Every month I offer an "optional replacement assignment" that students can do to replace their lowest non-test score so far that quarter. For periods 1-4-5 that assignment is 1-6 p. 427, 1-5 p. 432, 1-4 p. 437. For periods 6-7 (honors) the optional replacement assignment is 1-9 p. 420. It is due on September 30, but the sooner you get it in, the sooner it will help your grade.

Classes are a bit shorter today due to early release (every Monday). Benson will give some papers back today and go over them. Students will also have a notebook entry - The topic will be "salinity". Periods 1-4-5 should read text pages 448-453, periods 6-7 should read pages 426-433. Honors students will have a MESPOW that is due SOC on Friday (read 110 and do 25).

We will be doing a lab today. The WS that goes with the lab is due SOC Wednesday. If you miss the lab, watch this YouTube Video and complete the WS (Lab: The Briny Deep is available from Benson)

Students will listen and take notes as Benson does a presentation on ocean currents. If you were gone, get the notes handout and then copy the notes from a classmate. Also, be sure to carefully read pages 448-454 (honors read pages 426-433). Finally, watch the video of the week below.

Reminder: Open House at HHS tonight - In class today we will review some recent assignments/concepts and then students will watch a 26-minute video about the Ocean Conveyor Belt. If you were gone watch this short YouTube video and read this web page. Finally, watch this 26-minute video.

Students will take notes as Benson explains "the Ocean Conveyor Belt". Then we will will watch a video about El Nino (a topic to be covered in more detail next week). If you were gone, copy the notebook entry from a classmate and watch this YouTube video and read the text beneath the video.

Question of the week: In the ice-water lab, why did the temperature of the salty water get colder than that of the fresh-water by making come of the ice melt?


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