Monday, September 5, 2016

September 6-9


1. Thursday is "school picture day".

2. The first meeting of the HHS Outdoors Club will be Friday during lunch in Benson's room.

3. The "Freshman Tail-Gating" event is Friday at the football stadium from 6-7 pm. HHS freshmen get free food, a free T-shirt, and free admission to the game.

We will discuss the recent pre-quiz (not graded), and then Benson will go over guidelines and expectations for the course. Students can use remaining time to work on the MT Map Activity or the WS from Friday.

We will be doing a lab today. The WS that goes with the lab is due SOC Thursday. The lab will provide a good review of "density", which will be an important concept as we begin to learn about ocean currents next week.

Students will do another lab today to help them understand how salt affects ice-water. This will also be important as we begin to learn about ocean currents.

Students will watch a video as Benson issues textbooks.

Question of the week: In the ice-water lab, why did the temperature of the salty water get colder than the fresh-water? Hint: It had something to do with melting.

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