Sunday, January 15, 2017

January 17-19 - Finals Week!

Notice: The optional assignment for January is 1-17 page 275 (honors 1-10 p. 222-223). This will replace your lowest non-test score for the quarter. If you get it in by January 19, it will apply to second quarter. If you get it in by January 31, it will apply to third quarter.

No school

Zero period final from 8:20-9:40
First period final exam from 9:55-11:15
Second period final from 11:50-1:10

Third period final from 8:20-9:40
Fourth period final from 9:55-11:15
Fifth period final from 11:50-1:10

Sixth period final from 9:55-11:15
Seventh period final from 9:55-11:15

No school for students.

Video of the Week

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