Sunday, January 8, 2017

January 9-13

Notice: The optional assignment for January is 1-17 page 275 (honors 1-10 p. 222-223). This will replace your lowest non-test score for the quarter. If you get it in by January 19, it will apply to second quarter. If you get it in by January 31, it will apply to third quarter.

Students will take notes (on handout) as Benson continues to explain Plate Tectonics. Attention honors students: No MESPOWs this week.

We will watch a video about the Mariana Trench. If you miss this class, be sure to watch it online: Video: Deepest Place on Earth (43 minutes)

Students will do a group problem-solving activity related to the movement of tectonic plates.

We will review several concepts related to plate tectonics, and then Benson will explain the different types of geology that takes place at different types of plate boundaries.

Benson will tell students about the test, provide a review sheet, and then we will do a Kahoot review.

Question(s) of the week: What is a zone of subduction, and what are the various features and activities that take place there?

Sea-Floor Spreading Animation
What makes the plates move?
Interactive: Position of the Continents Over the Past 600 million years
Interactive Plate Tectonics Map
Read About Wegener's Last Expedition
Journey to the Deepest Place on Earth
Animation of a Hot Spot

Video of the Week

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