Friday, March 31, 2017

April 3-7

Attention students who missed the test that was given before spring break - You will be expected to take the test during class on Tuesday. Honors students - To review for the two essay questions, you should watch these two short videos: The Earthquake/Tsunami of 1700, and Radiocarbon Dating.

Students will learn some basic terminology associated with the water cycle, and then complete the "Porosity Lab" that we set up before the break. If you miss this day, read pages 158-161, read through the "Water Cycle Tutorial" (see link below).

Students who were gone missed the March test will make it up today. Others will do a worksheet.

Students will take notes on a handout (Groundwater). If you were gone, read pages 171-180. Also, watch this video.

Students will take notes on "Groundwater Issues".

Students will be listening to a presentation about the Montana Conservation Corp.

Groundwater Basics
Water Cycle Tutorial
Interactive Water Cycle Graphic
Ogallala Aquifer Video
Ogallala Aquifer Article on Facebook
Berkeley Pit in Butte
Giant Springs in Great Falls
Septic Systems

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