Monday, March 20, 2017

March 20-24

Students will take notes as they learn about Montana Earthquakes. If you were gone, get a copy of the handout, copy the notes, and carefully read each of the links below that are marked with an asterisk(*). Honors students - MESPOWs for this week are 31, 35, 46.

Period 1-3-4 students will watch a video (Ultimate Earthquake) and periods 6-7 will take notes on a handout (Earthquake Hazards).

We will review for the test and then play a Kahoot review game. Attention honors students - The topics for the two level-2 questions on the test will be . . . the earthquake/tsunami of 1700, and radiocarbon dating.


We will start a lab (Porosity) - to be continued after spring break.

Alaska Earthquake Video
Tsunami Animation
Tsunami Demonstration (Oregon State Lab)
Impressive Video of 2004 Tsunami
Animation of 2004 Tsunami
Tsunami Tutorial Video
*Montana's Greatest Earthquake Disaster
*Earthquake Destroys Helena High in 1935
Photos of Damage from the 1935 Helena Earthquakes
*Helena Has Its Faults
Major Quake Hits Japan
Japan's Earthquake Warning System Explained
Before and After Photos of Tsunami Damage in Japan
30-Foot Wall no Match for Tsunami

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