Sunday, November 11, 2018

November 12-16

Optional Replacement Assignment
This is due on November 30. Your score on this assignment can be used to replace your lowest non-test score. For periods 1-4-5, do 1-20 page 499. For periods 3-6, do 1-12 page 485. Attention honors students: The MESPOWs for this week are #18 and #104.

We will review some important concepts from last week, and then students will finish the Carbon Cycle Packet. It is due at the start of class tomorrow.

We will go over the recent graph activity and then students will listen and take notes as Benson explains "The Hole in the Ozone Layer". If you were gone, get a copy of the notes handout and copy the notes from a classmate, read this web page and watch this video,and the video of the week below.

Benson will show students a demonstration, and then students will continue to take notes and learn about the hole in the ozone layer. If you were gone, copy the notes from a classmate and read this web page and be sure to select the arrow to watch the change over several years. Then watch this 4.5-minute YouTube video. If you would like to know more about skin cancer, click here. Also watch this video -> How the Sun Sees You.

We will do a lab to help students understand the heating of land and water.

We will go over the Carbon Cycle packet, and then students will watch a 20-minute video about "Ocean Acidification".


Carbon Cycle Base Camp

1. Carbon Cycle Processes (web page)

2. What's the deal with Carbon? (video 3:03)

3. Scapegoat Mountain (web page)

4. Ashgrove (web page)

5. Fossil Fuels 101 (video 2:42))

6. Deforestation (video 2:48)

7. Ocean Acidification (video 2:51)

8. What you can do about climate change (video 9:59)

9. Carbon Footprint (video 2:00)

10. Climate Science: What you need to know. (video 6:12)

11. Dear Future Generations (video 6:02)

12.Carbon Cycle Summary (web page)

12.What if all the ice melted? (video 5:50)

Carbon Cycle Diagram

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