Sunday, November 18, 2018

November 19-21

Optional Replacement Assignment
This is due on November 30. Your score on this assignment can be used to replace your lowest non-test score. For periods 1-4-5, do 1-20 page 499. For periods 3-6, do 1-12 page 485.

Benson will be gone today. Students will do a worksheet.

Students will watch the first half of a video called "From the Ashes" (2017 National Geographic). Unfortunately I cannot find it online.


Carbon Cycle Base Camp

1. Carbon Cycle Processes (web page)

2. What's the deal with Carbon? (video 3:03)

3. Scapegoat Mountain (web page)

4. Ashgrove (web page)

5. Fossil Fuels 101 (video 2:42))

6. Deforestation (video 2:48)

7. Ocean Acidification (video 2:51)

8. What you can do about climate change (video 9:59)

9. Carbon Footprint (video 2:00)

10. Climate Science: What you need to know. (video 6:12)

11. Dear Future Generations (video 6:02)

12.Carbon Cycle Summary (web page)

12.What if all the ice melted? (video 5:50)

Carbon Cycle Diagram

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