Saturday, November 24, 2018

November 27 - December 1

Optional Replacement Assignment
This is due on November 30. Your score on this assignment can be used to replace your lowest non-test score. For periods 1-4-5, do 1-20 page 499. For periods 3-6, do 1-12 page 485. Attention honors students: The MESPOW for this week is #124.

We will review some important concepts from last week, and then students will take notes as Benson explains acid rain. If you were gone, watch this video and then watch this one too.

We will finish watching the video "From the Ashes" (2017 National Geographic).

We will go over the recent "WS: Temperature" and then students will take notes as Benson explains temperature inversions. If you are gone, copy the notes and carefully read this web page (does not open on mobile devices).

Benson will have a sub, so students will work on the study guide.

We will review for a test on Monday (atmosphere topics).


Carbon Cycle Base Camp

1. Carbon Cycle Processes (web page)

2. What's the deal with Carbon? (video 3:03)

3. Scapegoat Mountain (web page)

4. Ashgrove (web page)

5. Fossil Fuels 101 (video 2:42))

6. Deforestation (video 2:48)

7. Ocean Acidification (video 2:51)

8. What you can do about climate change (video 9:59)

9. Carbon Footprint (video 2:00)

10. Climate Science: What you need to know. (video 6:12)

11. Dear Future Generations (video 6:02)

12.Carbon Cycle Summary (web page)

12.What if all the ice melted? (video 5:50)

Carbon Cycle Diagram

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